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Former Amusement Park Employees Share Disgusting Secrets

Theme parks like Disneyland are about as gross as you'd imagined they were.


If you love theme parks of any kind, or even a have particular one that you just enjoy a lot, a recent Reddit post will make you second guess asking anyone who works there about what really goes down. When u/MrYellow8666 asked theme park employees to list some “dirty secrets that most people don’t know about,” the answers will make certainly leave you looking at your favorite amusement park in a totally new light.

Redditor NewbieTwo got it going early when they told those participating in the forum: “Don’t EVER go in the ball pits. Apparently, they’re as disgusting as they are fun.

“Little kids track all sorts of food and grime into the pit and regularly pee in there since they confuse it for a pool,” they wrote. “The balls are only cleaned once a week, and even then they are just put in a net bag and hosed off. You just keep spraying until the water stops coming off brown. They are then air dried and not sanitized in any way.”

Now everyone knows that claw machines are notoriously difficult.  But who would have guessed that they’re actually fixed, well, at least they are most of the time.  According to Spartan_133, the claw remains loose until players insert a certain amount of cash while other machines use a sensor on the prize drop that loosens the claw after a prize falls in until a designated number of plays “Basically the claw won’t grab anything until the owner ensures they get their money’s worth.”

Redditor AlwaysAGroomsman informed users that, much like ball pits, roller coaster seats don’t get cleaned off very well either.

“Vomit (with no visible blood) is either cleaned up with a sawdust-like material to soak up the liquid and then swept into a dustbin or hosed off with a garden hose,” they wrote. “The coaster seat or table is USUALLY not sanitized or anything. So, you are sitting in dried vomit particles.”

In a weird way, this feels like information that you knew already. Did you really presume that a sprawling amusement park was going to as clean as you’d like it to be? Did you really think that theme park employees donated the change that falls down from roller coasters to charity? While all of it makes the most sense, it’s no less disgusting but not more surprising either.