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Former Anti-Vaxx Mom Reveals Why She’s Vaccinating Her Kids

"Glad my babies don’t need to suffer through preventable infectious diseases."

Abbey Clint/Facebook

With 2019 becoming the worst year for measles since 2000, the vaccination debate is becoming even more relevant—and more important—than ever. Which is why one former anti-vaxxer is proudly sharing why she decided to vaccinate her family after growing up without immunizations.

“Proud to vaccinate!” Abbey Clint wrote on April 30 after she took her 7-month-old daughter Madelyn to get immunized. “Glad my babies don’t need to suffer through preventable infectious diseases. Preventative maintenance saves co-pays and saves lives.”

Explaining that she “grew up unvaccinated before it was cool,” Clint said, “I’ve had to catch up on my inoculations with each pregnancy. Glad I didn’t catch measles while pregnant!” Along with a photo of her and her kids waiting at the doctor’s office to get their shots, the 30-year-old also shared an infographic disproving common vaccine myths.

Her post has already received nearly 3,500 reactions and 6,700 comments, many of which are from anti-vaxxers attacking Clint for her new pro-vaccination stance.

But the Pennsylvania mom says she understands where they’re coming from, having lived in an anti-vaxx household as a child. “I think there is a lot of fear that is embedded in this whole issue,” she told BuzzFeed News.

So what changed her mind? According to Clint, she decided to vaccinate herself and her family after she realized the risk of passing a disease onto either her own children or someone else’s child. “I had to step aside from all the emotions,” she said. “I had to look at the statistics, see which sources I trust, and just be as dispassionate, logical—no matter how heartless it seemed—and weigh my odds.”

Clint told BuzzFeed News that she is currently following the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule for both of her daughters and that neither of them has had a bad reaction so far.