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Forget the Toddler Years: New Poll Says 8-Year-Olds Are the Worst

It gets better! Oh, wait. It doesn't.

According to a survey by OnePoll on behalf of Mixbook done in April of 2020, parents have a surprising answer when it comes to what age kid is the hardest to parent. According to the poll, the terrible 2’s, nor do age 3, 4, or even 5, rank on the worst, hardest age of kid to parent! In fact, there’s a rather surprising answer to the poll, one that might shock you.

According to the poll, parents found that parenting 8-year-olds is the hardest age ever to parent — worse than any of the toddler tantrums, the potty training, or even infancy, when parents can’t sleep and clean their baby’s butts a million times a day. But why 8? What makes 8 such an awful age to parent?

Well, for many parents, 8 seems to be the age when kids go from being little to somehow, being big kids. They become more independent, more opinionated, more sassy, and sometimes more mean! But they’re also still craving love, affection, cuddles and hugs, making their whirlwind emotions not yet to the point where they are pushing mom or dad away altogether.

That makes it a particularly hard age for parents, who might see their little girl or boy slipping away and changing while also, swiftly, still wanting some of those childlike comforts. Still, for many parents, it might be shocking to hear that the worst isn’t behind them as they get away from the toddler years. Well, sorry! The worst is yet to come. And just wait for the teenage years. Then you’ll really miss 8-years-old.