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This Infographic Shows How You’re Most Likely Going To Die

You’re a responsible guy, what with the kid and the job and the college fund and the car with the full tank of gas (or, the kid anyway), so you probably plan ahead. And since you plan ahead, you’d probably find it super convenient to know how you’re going to die. Fortunately, the data visualization geeks at FlowingData have compiled some fascinating CDC spreadsheets and put them into a really useful graphic, which can sort that out for you.

Just enter your sex, race, and age, and let it fly. As the age counter ticks upward, it reveals how likely you are to die at that age, and by what cause. The top 15 causes are represented by different colored dots on a graph, which fills in slowly at first because you’re young and strong and most likely to die from something random like a car crash. But, the older you get, the more the graph turns purple and pink, because really it’s heart attacks and cancer that get most of us in the end. Fortunately, there’s very little yellow, which represents genitourinary causes, which are exactly what they sound like.

Flowingdata's Death SimulatorBy Nathan Yau at Flowingdata

Of course, the chart doesn’t tell you when to take out a life insurance policy, but it does give you some … ahem … colorful insight into what you might expect and how soon you might expect it. And if the whole exercise makes you feel bad, just adjust the age down to however old your kid is and enjoy the graphic representation of their near-invincibility. Isn’t genetic immortality why you had kids in the first place?