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Florida’s Lego Zoo is Made of 450,000 Bricks

It features a menagerie of brick-based animals.

A new animal exhibit is attracting attention at Leu Gardens in Orlando Florida. Bison, bald eagles, and monarch butterflies are some of the many creatures on display at the 50-acre garden and they’re roaming free on the grounds. Guests don’t have to worry about the risk before heading over because the animals aren’t real: they’re gigantic Lego sculptures, all of which are part of a new exhibit.

Titled Nature Connects Art with Lego Bricks” and created by Sean Kenney, the exhibit features some 450,000 bricks and 16 sculptures. There’s a 6-foot sculpture of a hummingbird dipping into flower; a family of deer grazing in the grass; and a massive bison nosing his way through some tall grass. 

Kenney and his 12-person team more than 5,000 hours to construct. But regardless of the long hours, Kenney enjoys every minute, as he’s fostered a lifelong passion for art and building. In a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel Kenney said he’s aiming to make a statement about conservancy and interconnectivity of nature; he calls his work with Legos “intrinsically fun and whimsical.” 

“It is important to me that each individual sculpture attempt to illustrate the ‘connections’ found in nature,” he said. “Whether a predator-prey relationship, mankind’s relationship with nature, or even the parent-child relationships you see in the wild.”

Kenney and his team travel with the exhibition from city to city and are currently on a tour through North America, Asia, and Europe. A New York native, Kenney has remained adamant that despite the lack of greenery in his hometown, nature is always on his mind.

Even though he works with the tiny plastic bricks all day, Kenney says he and his son still get together and play with Legos. Honestly? In this case, work and play seem like the same thing. 

“Nature Connects Art with Lego Bricks,” will be up in Orlando until April 22nd. You can check out the full tour schedule here.