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Go to Theme Parks that Aren’t Disney World. Collect $4000. Repeat

And you get to bring along a friend!

If I was to put you on the spot right now and ask you to name a theme park, chances are you’re going to blurt out “Disney World” in no time. Given the popularity of the fun Disney franchise park, it’s the exact reason why another company is offering people money to test other theme parks in the Florida region and report back for market research.

According to MetroUK, Ocean Florida, a UK-based company, is looking for someone who loves theme parks, adventure rides like roller coasters, and would be willing to test out what other theme parks have to offer. Sounds like a job come true, and they’re offering a decent amount of cash, too.

The chosen person for the job would need to be in Florida and available for three weeks to carry out the research in either April or May 2020. If chosen, you’ll be given the job title of Florida Theme Park Tester and compensated £3,000 (which works out to be around $3,950 USD). Um, not bad at all for what sounds like a fun-filled three weeks!

The company recognizes that theme parks are more fun with a partner, so they’re also offering to pay travel and accommodations for the official Florida Theme Park Tester to bring along a friend, as long as they’re also over 18 years old. The friend won’t be paid the three-week salary, but between the paid for travel, accommodations, and fast track passes, it’s not something to pass up.

The requirements of the job will have the Tester visit several theme parks in Florida, including Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld and test out the rides and the food offered too. They want someone who can take great photos with a GoPro and be able to document how they found the rides, how scary they were, and the best parts of the food and park in general, including souvenir options and any events that take place while they’re visiting.

Applications are being accepted until January 31, 2020, and there’s an online form to fill out asking several questions to get a feel for your love of adventure and theme parks. “Candidates who pass the first stage will then proceed to interviews via video and phone,” according to MetroUk.