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How Do You Do a Gender Reveal in Florida? With a Gator, Of Course

Oh, Florida.

Twitter / @wsvn

Today in “What the heck is going on in Florida?” news: a gator gender reveal. Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular, especially across social media. But one Tampa couple chose to take a unique approach to the tradition – dare we say, the most Floridian approach ever.

Stacie Childs-Wright and her husband Chad wanted to share the good news with their loved ones, so naturally, enlisted the help of their pet gator, Amos. The 38-second clip shows the couple holding a balloon at the end of a long stick in front of the gator. After a few tries, Amos pops the balloon with his teeth and reveals pink powder, for a baby girl.

Stacie and Chad’s video was shared on Twitter by WSVN7 News, where it quickly went viral. In just one day, it has been viewed over 176,000 times.

Although Chad works with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a nuisance wildlife trapper, we still would maybe not suggest pregnant women hang out around alligators. But Amos is a part of the Childs-Wright’s unconventional family, so it was only right that he be included in this momentous occasion. And hopefully, he was happy to learn he’d be getting a younger sister.

This is also not the first time a Southerner has incorporated gators into their gender reveal party. Last year, T-Mike Kliebert, more commonly known as “The Gator King”, also recruited a gator to help him and his wife announce the sex of their unborn baby.

Oh, Florida. Don’t ever change.