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A United Airlines Flight Attendant Told Parents Their Baby Crying During a Flight Was ‘Absolutely Unacceptable’

Apparently the flight attendant in question never acknowledged that she was lying about the upset flight crew.


A mom has gone public with a story about a United Airlines stewardess who told her that it was “absolutely unacceptable” for her infant son to cry for more than five minutes while aboard a 13-hour flight. This is yet another instance of parents being singled out and subject to unfair and embarrassing treatment at the hands of an airline.

Krupa Patel Bala boarded the plane from Sydney to San Francisco with her husband and their eight-month-old son. When the baby began to cry Shortly after takeoff, the stewardess walked up to Bala and said that her son’s cries were beginning to stress out the flight crew. Per her request, Bala attempted to pick up the baby and soothe him back to sleep.

“When Linda [the stewardess] returned, I kindly tried to explain to her that her request really stressed me out as he’s AN EIGHT MONTH OLD and we have 13 hours ahead of us on this flight – he’s going to cry again and I don’t have any control over that.” Bala wrote. “She told me we could discuss it in economy and not at my assigned seat. So, I walked back to economy with her and she dropped some knowledge on me.”

According to Bala’s post, Linda then launched into a handful of unsolicited criticisms about how Bala should have given the boy his bottle back (even though he’d finished it) and shouldn’t have tried to get him to sleep before the plane lights were low. To cap it all off, the stewardess in question tried to lie to Bala and convince her that United Airlines had a policy stating that babies aren’t allowed to cry for more than five minutes. On top of that rule being nonexistent, the stewardess refused to site it anywhere.

I’m really looking forward to landing and seeing the rule book.

Posted by Krupa Patel Bala on Monday, September 24, 2018

The captain ultimately came over with the stewardess and apologized to the family, but Bala noted: “it’s not his apology I’m interested in.”

“I tried to explain to her that I understand that people might get frustrated if the baby cries but there is a more constructive way for her to ask us to manage the situation…” Bala wrote. “Her response to that was to tell me that it didn’t matter because it was just unacceptable for the baby to cry and as the parent, I need to control him. We will never fly United again.”