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Five-Year-Old Girl Raises Hundreds of Dollars to Provide Milk for Her Classmates

She even managed to set up a GoFundMe page with her Grandma.

Got milk? If you answered “no,” then you might want to talk to Sunshine Oelfke. She’s a kindergartener in Michigan who made it a personal mission to provide everyone in her class with milk as a part of snack time.

Sunshine’s dairy crusade began innocently enough: She noticed that one of her friends wasn’t enjoying her usual box of milk, and concerned that it was because her family couldn’t afford it, brought in extra milk money for her the next day. Turns out, she was just getting started.

The generous five-year-old began bringing extra money every day so that anyone in her class who wanted milk could have some. And when her piggy banks started running dry (yes, she was funding this operation herself), Sunshine convinced her Grandma to set up a GoFundMe page  to solicit more money for milk. In less than a week, the page has raised over $600, all of which Sunshine plans to donate to her classmates in need.

Sunshine’s grandmother, Jackie, explained why her granddaughter has put so much effort into helping others: “She understands that some kids don’t want [milk] and some kids can’t have it, but she wants to make sure the option is there, just in case.” Also, apparently, she just loves milk.