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This Kid Took the Most Insane School Photos of All Time

This is definitely one for the books.

Stronajai Miles/Facebook

School picture day was anything but boring for one Georgia kindergartener who decided to scream instead of smiling for the camera. Now, young Andrew Miles is going viral on social media for his hilariously over-the-top portraits.

When asked why he chose that particular pose for his pictures, the five-year-old, who attends Woodland Elementary School in Atlanta, told 11Alive, “Because, that was a crazy face!”

His mom, however, who discovered the photos in Andrew’s backpack on Sunday night, was not amused. “I’m so mad right now! I checked my sons book bag and find these!!!!” mom Stronajai Miles wrote on Facebook, explaining that the pictures were taken by Lifetouch School Photography.

While a representative from the company told WMAZ that their policy is to let kids express themselves however they’d like in pictures, Stronajai was still angry. “I know they train their photographers better than that. They dropped the ball idc what anybody says,” she ranted.

But while his mom may not be impressed, many people are loving the boy’s photos, which have garnered over 54,000 likes and 41,000 shares so far. “Your son’s picture is freaking perfect. His personality shines through. Best school photo ever!” wrote one user.

Another commented, “Bravo to Drew for being creative. This is a memory that will bring laughter for decades!”

3/10/19I’m so mad right now! I checked my sons book bag and find these!!!!3/11/19 Edit: these pictures have not been…

Posted by Stronajai Miles on Sunday, March 10, 2019

Now, Stronajai admits that she has since warmed up to her son’s pictures. In a follow-up Facebook post, she not only apologized to Lifetouch for her criticism but also added, “Andrew has always been a silly kid with a HUGE personality! [The positive comments] opened my eyes to see that everything doesn’t need to be cookie cutter. Being yourself is even more amazing!”