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Fitbit Update Tracks Fertility Windows, Facilitating Baby Making

The new female health tracker is a big win for those looking to conceive without any of the guesswork.


Earlier this year Fitbit announced it would be adding a new female health tracking feature to its line of smartwatches. Now, the company is pushing out the new software, which allows both iOS and Windows users to track their menstrual cycle the same way they count steps or hours of sleep accrued. It won’t just predict periods, but will also calculate fertility windows as well, meaning it’s a big help for couples trying to conceive. 

To start tracking, Fitbit’s new feature requires users answer a few questions about the typical length of their cycle and the date that their last period and started and ended. From there, the Fitbit immediately starts to keep a log and make predictions. According to the company, the tracker will only need users to log two cycles before it can start making really accurate predictions.

Fitbit’s new feature makes it easy to track ovulation windows and help conceiving. Still, there are more than a few alternatives for those who are already walking around with a smartphone and doesn’t feel like shelling $200 for a smartwatch. The app Fertility Friend basically pioneered online fertility charting and offers a free mobile app. It also costs about one-quarter that of a Fitbit smartwatch, and provides users VIP access to message boards and detailed analysis of fertility signals. Another good option is Kindara, a fertility log. Users do, however, have to purchase a special $129 thermometer that uses body temperature to predict fertility while also interfacing with a free app. 

Regardless, Fitbit has been leading the charge in interactive and wearable health tracking, so for those looking for ways to have a more immediate knowledge of their conception window, it’s a nice feature. Google, i0S, and Windows users can each try their tracker out right now. Android users will have to wait until the end of the month.