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A Popular Sleeper For Infants Has Been Recalled After Several Deaths

The recall includes all models of the Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play.


If you’ve had a baby in the past ten years, the chances you own some version of the Fisher-Price Rock and Play Sleeper are very high. But now, 4.7 million Rock ‘N Play Sleepers have been recalled by Fisher-Price after the product was linked to over 30 known deaths of infants.

Though most instructions for the Rock ‘N Play advise parents not to leave their children in the “sleeper” overnight — and instead use the product for supervised naps — the fact remains that many parents have put their children in the product overnight.

The primary danger to infants is that the Rock ‘N Play has a self-rocking function, combined with an incline, both of which can interfere with regular breathing. One week ago, prior to the recall, the US Consumer Product Saftey Commission advised parents to stop using the product as soon their children were able to roll over. This prompted Fisher-Price to issue a warning, but now, the USCPSC has pushed Fisher-Price for a full recall.

As part of the recall, Fisher-Price is offering customers refunds for their Rock ‘N Plays. Details can be found by contacting Fisher-Price’s customer service line here.

“These inclined products are linked to infant deaths and conflict with medical experts’ safe sleep recommendations,” said Consumer Reports policy analyst William Wallace, in a report to USA Today

Meaning, that even if parents don’t own a Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play, a similar inclined product from another company is probably also suspect.

This story is developing.