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First Photos From Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Have Arrived

Rebel spies have sent their transmissions from inside Disneyland!

Disney Parks

Today was the day millions of people have been waiting for since Star Tour closed down at Disneyland: the chance to enter into a full-immersive Star Wars experience at Disneyland. There’s been a lot of chatter about the promise and the pitfalls of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but now that the opening day is finally here, what does it even look like?

On Friday, May 31, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge had its first official opening to the public after its soft launch on Wednesday. The gates opened at 8:00 am Pacific Time, so, in truth, the first visitors to the planet Batuu (that’s the planet that was invented for the attraction) are probably still so engrossed in their visit that they are just now getting around to posting their photos on social media.

So, what are the big takeaways from the photos people have posted so far? Mostly, it’s all about drinking space booze and riding on the Millennium Falcon. Here’s what we’ve spied so far.

Two Han Solos have been spotted, Harrison Ford earlier in the week, and on opening day, Alden Ehrenreich!


The crowds are big. Watch out for those stormtroopers!

BOOZE and STAR WARS!! (Let’s not forget that Disneyland changed their policy about not serving booze just to make Galaxy’s Edge happen.)

Everybody loves chilling on the Falcon…

Some lesser-known spaceships are on display, too.

But, Mark Hamill’s tweet is easily the sweetest.

(We’ll update this post as more cool photos roll in throughout the weekend.)