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Father Terminated Over Attending His Baby’s Birth Receives Several Job Offers


Lamar Austin’s wife Linsday went into labor on Friday evening. Because of that, he couldn’t make his shift at Salerno Protective Services. That’s where he was on a 90-day trial period doing private security work, on call day and night. By the following Sunday, he was the proud father of New Hampshire’s first baby born in 2017. He was also fired. Via text message. So much for congratulations.

But Austin’s family didn’t take the termination lying down (except for their newborn son Cainin, who couldn’t help it). Instead they scored help from the media. They also received an assist from paid family leave advocate Sara Persechino, who launched a GoFundMe campaign for the family. All of it effectively raised a very important question: Should you have to chose between your job and your family? Not if over 100 backers and 3 job offers have anything to say about it.

Since the launch of the campaign 2 days ago, supporters have raised $2,715 and Austin has received 3 job offers. Not to mention an apprenticeship offer from the local business manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and labor union AFL-CIO. But until the US stops copying Papua New Guinea’s leave policy, here’s hoping one of those offers is from IKEA, (along with a SUNDVIK for little Cainin, who will take it lying down for just another couple of months).

[H/T] The Independent