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FDA Warns That Salmonella Recalls Are Likely Far From Over

You might have to give one of your favorite snacks a longer break than you want.

Flickr Creative Commons

After a string of popular snack foods were taken off of shelves this month due to salmonella, the FDA is now warning that the recalls are probably far from over. As it turns out, the recalls haven’t been linked to one particular snack company or factory because the salmonella bacteria is linked to a contaminated dry whey protein that’s sold to a lot of different companies.

Whey is a liquid by-product of milk that’s often dried and used as an additive that will give certain snacks or foods thickness, so it’s actually in a lot of different things. This Wednesday, Associated Milk Producers Inc (AMPI), a massive whey producer, recently issued a recall of their products as well due to salmonella bacteria being found at one of their factories in Blair, Wisconsin. Now, the FDA is recommending that companies actively recall anything that uses whey from AMPI.

“Our goal, as much as possible, is to mitigate risk, reduce consumer uncertainty and avoid potential harms,” said FDA chief Scott Gottlieb in a statement. “Sometimes it means we need to share information before we know that people have become sick, or even that they’ve been exposed to a contaminant, because we know there’s a chance they could be at risk.”

The thing is that no one knows how the contamination occurred at all. None of the whey AMPI sent out to be bought contains traces of salmonella, but the ones held back for testing do. Kellogg’s cereal Honey Grams, Ritz Bits, and Goldfish Crackers have each already hit the recall chopping block due to salmonella this month. While that is truly awful for fans of the snacks, better safe than sorry. Salmonella doesn’t usually kill people, but it is a visceral miserable affair, so stay vigilant about it.