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Map Visualizes Every State’s Favorite Pandemic Cocktail

People are still drinking wine coolers!?

It’s been just over a year since staying at home became the cool and smart thing to do because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, cool may be a stretch. We’ve had no concerts to go to, there have been no new restaurant openings to check out, and a night out at the bar feels like a distant memory.

But just because we’re not going to the bar anymore doesn’t mean that we’re not drinking. In fact, tons and tons of people are drinking — and for better or for worse, at-home drinks are here to stay. But what drinks have become the most popular? Are we using all that new time to get super into craft cocktails, or fancy beer?

A new map made by Upgraded Points, a travel rewards company, has found out just, exactly, people are drinking these days in the cocktail sphere based on the state that they live in. After all, turning to favorite pandemic cocktails to pass the time isn’t a bad way to do it after a long day.

So, what drink is everyone reaching for? Turns out every state has its own favorite, according to the data collected by Upgraded Points. Using data from Google Trends and searches between March 2020 and March 2021, they figured out what they think is every state’s favorite pandemic drink based on the drinks those states were searching for the most. And yes, more than one state loves its wine coolers.

The cocktail that took home top prize as the top-searched cocktail in 6 states was the mimosa. This brunch to bedtime drink is a favorite in Colorado, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The second most-favorite pandemic cocktail was a 5-way tie between pina colada, wine cooler, white Russian, mojito, and margarita. Third place was a 3-way tie between dark ‘n stormy, Bellini, and old fashioned.

popular pandemic cocktails by state


A few states threw out surprises with their favorites, including Idaho, which loves the hot buttered rum cocktail. Iowa is a big fan of the fuzzy navel. Utah’s favorite is the rickey, which we had to look up because we’ve never heard of it. You combine carbonated water with half a squeezed lime and gin or bourbon – zero sugar – to make this cocktail.

Also, we’re pretty surprised that so many states love the wine cooler. But at least it sounds like people are having fun, maybe in a bit of a retro way?