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This Tutu-Wearing Dad Upstaged His Daughter at Her Own Ballet Class

And they both had a blast.


Earlier this week, eight-year-old Adriana Cross’s ballet class was hosting a parent night and she asked her dad, Thanh Tran, to attend because her mom is currently seven months pregnant. Thanh happily stepped up and went above and beyond to support his daughter. He arrived at the class decked out in full ballet gear, including a black tutu, and performed plies and sautes with the best of them.

Based on the photos shared by Thanh, it looks like he was giving his all during the class. While he told Global News that his daughter initially only asked him to join the class because she thought he’d look funny in a tutu, Thanh appears to have ended up being one of the standout parents in the class.

Moments like this are sweet, but shouldn’t be shocking. More and more dads are stepping up and smashing preconceived notions of what fatherhood looks like. In the past, the idea of a dad attending his daughter’s ballet class in a tutu may have been viewed by many, at best, as some kind of joke. But now, the perception of fatherhood has evolved enough where most would simply see a supportive father doing whatever he can to make his daughter happy.

On his daughter’s reaction, Thanh said: “She was very proud of me and told me she loved me 20-something times because she was so happy I was brave enough to wear the tutu to class.”

Highest of fives, dad.