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Father and Son Run For Same Rhode Island State House Seat

Good thing the election will be over before Thanksgiving dinner.

Salome Quiora

It’s been said that family and politics don’t mix, but a father and son from Rhode Island want to put that theory to the test. They running against each other for the same seat in the state’s House of Representatives.

David Quiroa Sr. is a 47-year-old Republican. His son, David Quiroa Jr., is a 22-year-old Independent. Both are vying to unseat Democratic state Representative Marvin Abney in this November’s election. In fact, according to the Hill, the two actually live at the same Newport address and arrived together at city hall over the weekend to file their candidacy paperwork. Quiroa Sr. ran for the same seat 14 years ago but lost.

“What better way to argue with my father than on the political level?” Quiroa Jr. told the Associated Press. “He definitely is a very good motivator. Even if it’s to motivate to stop him.”

While the father and son have different political views — Quiroa Sr. is a self-proclaimed Trump supporter while his son voted for Hillary in 2016 — they have been discussing politics since Quiroa Jr. was just a kid. When his father ran for office in 2004, Quiroa Jr. helped his father go door-to-door to get signatures — something he credits with stoking his interest in politics.

Now, the two are pitted against each other and both must begin work collecting 50 signatures to officially make the ballot. Assuming they’re successful, the only question remaining is who will Iris, the wife of Quiroa Sr. and mother of Jr., vote for?

“I would say maybe my father, but at this point since I’m in the mix, I don’t know,” said the younger Quiroa. “She could surprise us all and vote for Abney.”