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The Unexpected Way Fathers Influence Their Kids’ Weight

You don’t want your kid to have weight problems, because you value their physical health and their self esteem. With up to 60 percent of elementary school girls concerned about becoming too fat according to the National Eating Disorders Association, a lot of parents might assume this is more of an issue for their daughters. But a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity gives you good reason to focus just as much attention on your boy, because your dadbod impacts his sonbod more than experts previously thought.

Looking at the weight, diet, exercise habits, and the parental relationships of more than 3,700 females and 2,600 males ages 14 to 24, researchers initially found a lot of what you’d expect. High functioning families, which 80 percent of participants reported having, were associated with more exercise, better sleep, and fewer incidences of eating disorders overall. More surprising, the quality of father-son relationships was the biggest indicator if boys would become overweight or obese as an adult. The better your relationship is, the better off he’ll be about taking his shirt off later in life.

Father Son Relationships Influence Future Obesity In Boys

“It appears the father-son parent relationship has a stronger influence on sons than the mother-daughter relationship has on young women,” explains Jess Haines, the lead author of the study. But before you gloat about it, remember the AAP recently found that your weight will affect your kid’s future risk of obesity, while your wife, not so much. If that doesn’t tell you who gets the last piece of pizza, it’s safe to say that nothing will.

[H/T] Science Daily