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Dad Sends Chocolates to His Daughters on Valentine’s Day, 11 Years After His Death

Despite having died more than a decade ago, Marquette McKnight's father still sends her a gift every Valentine's Day.


More than 11 years after his death, one father from Georgia has found a touching way to still show his wife and daughters how much he loved them. He sends them chocolates every Valentine’s Day. According to Marquette Mcknight, one of the daughters, her dad Bill managed to arrange for a box of Whitman’s chocolates to be delivered to his wife and five daughters each Valentine’s Day. The women have received the chocolates every year since 2008.

Marquette’s father didn’t tell her or anyone else about his plan, so when she received a UPS package from her father on the first Valentine’s Day after his death, she was understandably confused. But once she understood what had happened, she was overcome with emotion.

“Lo and behold, the day before Valentine’s Day that year, UPS delivered a Whitman’s Sampler to all five of the daughters and to my mother,” says McKnight. “And it had the same message that my dad had given us when he gave us the box, to begin with. It was a handwritten note from him that read ‘I love you. Be My Valentine.'”

And to the surprise of Marquette and her sisters, they continued to receive this heart-warming gift from their dad for the next 10 Valentine’s Days. Marquette knows that at some point, the gifts will stop coming but even if this is the last year, she is grateful for her dad’s heart-warming gesture.

“If it doesn’t happen again next year, that message won’t fade. It would have been a wonderful, wonderful reminder of the magic of love for the rest of our lives, not only for us but for all the people who know that it happens,” says McKnight.