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Father Accuses Youth Baseball League of Plan to Intentionally ‘Bean’ His Daughter

Team managers were hoping to convince her to quit the league, says father.

Several managers in the Oyster River Youth Association (ORYA), a youth baseball league in New Hampshire, conspired to make an 11-year-old girl quit the league by having pitchers “bean” her at the plate. That’s the accusation levied by the girl’s father, Daniel Klein, in an official complaint against the league this week. The ORYA is reportedly investigating the allegation.

According to Boston 25 News, Klein sent an email to several managers to voice his concerns about the purported plan, expressing outrage that they would try to hurt his daughter and threatening to remove her from the league. According to The Press Herald, Klein was apparently tipped off about the plan by two other managers who were present during the alleged plotting and found it to be inappropriate.

Durham Town Manager Todd Selig, one of the managers Klein emailed, denied the allegations. He said that none of the managers had talked about targetting Klein’s daughter or wanted her out of the league.

“It’s just in bad taste,” Selig said of the accusations. “It’s just something you don’t joke about in this day and age. As a community, we want to encourage young boys and young girls to have a love of the game of baseball.

Turns out, however, there might be more to the story. While it’s true that Klein’s daughter is the only girl in the league, he doesn’t actually believe the managers were targeting her because of her gender. Rather, it’s because of an unresolved issue they have with him that dates back to 2015. The specifics aren’t clear but the incident was reportedly bad enough that coaches at the time did not want Klein’s daughter on their teams.

Nonetheless, Oyster River Youth Association says it will continue to investigate the claim but won’t take action until officials have all the relevant facts.

“ORYA feels it is important to question every person who witnessed and/or engaged in that conversation before coming to any determinations,” ORYA director Matthew Glode said.