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This Father Recreating His Daughter’s Honeymoon Photos Is Peak Dad

Beware the family group text.

We’re all familiar with the cliche honeymoon photos from sunset selfies to tons of ring shots, of course. They’re to be expected of any newlywed couple—but when 26-year-old Natasha Stroup shared hers from Hawaii with her family, her dad decided to take his own pictures. And they’re every bit as hilarious as you’d think, turning him from South Dakota farmer into a Twitter sensation overnight.

The 51-year-old was “just trying to make [Natasha] laugh” with his pictures, he told Buzzfeed. “She was showing the scenery around her, I just thought I’d show the scenery around me.”

And by scenery, dad Tracy Fritz means the family farm in Hazel, S.D, where he was working in the fields when he received the pictures from Stroup in a group text. He immediately sent his own in return—like an ear of corn instead of a hibiscus flower and work boots in mud instead of bare feet in sand.

Stroup’s younger sister, Kylie, thought they were hilarious, so naturally, she shared them on Twitter. “I just thought it was funny,” the 19-year-old said. “I think my dad’s funny. He doesn’t think he is.” Apparently, the Twitterverse agreed, with the post receiving over 31,000 likes and 2,200 retweets so far.

And how does Stroup feel about all of this? Let’s just say the newlywed is definitely not surprised. After showing her husband the pictures (“I was like, ‘Seriously, look at what my dad just sent me'”), she laughed it off, saying “he’s just a smart aleck.” And Fritz is equally pleased, claiming, “I’m glad I could make my daughter popular.”