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Father of Young Girl Injured at Yankees Game Wants Protective Netting at All MLB Stadiums

His daughter is suffering extensive injuries and he wants to make sure this easily avoidable situation never happens again.

Last month, a young girl was taken to the hospital after she was hit in the face by a 103 mph line drive while sitting in the stands at Yankee Stadium. Now, for the first time, the young girl’s father spoke to the New York Times about his daughter’s condition and to urge teams to extend the protective netting along the first and third base lines to ensure an accident like this does not happen again.

Geoffrey Jacobson spoke to the New York Times about the horror of watching his nearly 2-year-old daughter, whose name he has chosen not to share, go through such a painful and unnecessary experience at such a young age. According to Jacobson, the extent of his daughter’s injuries was severe. She’s suffering from multiple facial fractures and bleeding in her brain; her eyes were also swollen shut. Doctors are not currently sure whether or not Jacobson’s daughter will require facial surgery or if her vision will ever fully recover.

“No one should have to go through that,” Jacobson said. “It’s a game. It’s like taking your kids to the mall or the amusement park to the zoo — it’s an activity. It shouldn’t be a place where you could die, and it doesn’t have to be.”

mlb protective netting

After the accident, fans and players began calling on teams to extend protective netting down the first and third baselines. The netting, which is currently behind home plate, has been proven to keep fans safe from foul balls.  But while several teams have already announced plans to add extra netting, the majority of stadiums still leave fans susceptible to serious injury. Yesterday, the Yankees finally made the announcement that Yankee Stadium would have extended netting by the start of next season.

Jacobson said he was glad to hear that the Yankees had decided to make such a simple change, though he wondered why it took the team so long. He also expressed hope that other teams will do the same. “I hope the remaining teams follow suit, because it’s not just about the Yankees.”