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This Dad Followed a Hunch and Used a Helicopter to Find His Trapped Son

Talk about helicopter parenting done right.

7 News Sydney

Sometimes a father really does know best. And by following his fatherly instincts, Tony Lethbridge may have saved his son’s life.

Tony’s 17-year-old son Samuel had been out the night before with some friends in the nearby town of Newcastle but Tony grew concerned the next morning when he discovered his son had failed to arrive at a friend’s house. He called the police to report his son missing and they informed him that Samuel had most likely run away. But Tony knew that wasn’t the case.

“When I saw the police, they thought he’d run away. I said ‘that’s not Samuel.’ When he doesn’t show up or phone, something’s seriously wrong,” Tony told the Associated Press.

After talking to the police, Tony remembered a local car accident that had occurred about five years ago that involved a man driving off the road and crashing his car, resulting in the man’s death after the police could not locate him for almost five days. With nothing more than his gut, Tony decided to hire a local helicopter company to help search for his son.

Within 15 minutes of takeoff, the helicopter crew was able to spot the car off the road where it had crashed. Just as had happened in the crash from several years ago, Samuel lost control and ended up crashing his car in a place where it was nearly impossible to see from the road. When he heard that his son’s car had been found but had been in an accident, Tony, and his brother who joined him in the helicopter, feared the worst. However, when they finally reached the car, they found that Samuel was still alive despite being stuck in the car for more than a day. According to reports, Samuel is in serious condition and suffered multiple fractures but, thanks to his father’s instincts, he was saved from a much worse fate.