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Dad Teams Up With Five-Year-Old Daughter to Write Kids Finance Book

'The Adventures of Super Kennedy: Saving and Investing' will be available on Amazon.

Barnes & Noble

From the moment his daughter Kennedy was born, Chris O’Neal has made it his mission to teach her the value of money. And at age five, she’s already a money-saving savant, wisely tucking half of the cash she receives from birthdays, chores, and the Tooth Fairy into a jar, which then makes its way into a savings account. Naturally, Chris, a real estate investor, was happy to see his daughter demonstrate such a high level of patience at such a young age. But what really blew him away was her idea to write a kid’s book about how to save and handle money.

When Kennedy came to her dad with the idea for the book, he didn’t dismiss it outright. Just the opposite. Already an author himself, he wrote Done Deal: What ‘They’ Never Told You About Money in 2015, Chris immediately began planning the book with her. Together they came up with the idea of a little girl superhero who goes on adventures that teach young kids valuable financial lessons, like the value of saving and investing your money.

Kennedy and Chris ended up working on the book for almost a year and even hired an illustrator to create the right aesthetic for the story. All of their hard work has finally paid off, as they recently finished and self-published their book The Adventures of Super Kennedy: Saving and Investing. It’s currently available at Barnes & and slated to hit Amazon soon. And even if this one-of-a-kind financial advice book doesn’t end up on the New York Times Best-Seller List, Chris is already proud of his daughter. Not only for how hard she worked to accomplish something as big as writing a book at such a young age, but no doubt because she’ll also tuck half the cash they make in sales into that savings account.