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Father Criticizes Target For Not Selling Girls Spiderman Shoes

The dad took to Twitter to let Target know his daughter left the store in tears.

Flickr: Mike Mozart

Is it too much to ask for Target to sell girls Spiderman shoes? One dad, whose 2-year-old daughter left the store in tears after they couldn’t find a pair, doesn’t think so. And he took to Twitter this week to criticize the retailer for its lack of gender-inclusive clothing. Qasim Rashid, an attorney and human rights activist in Virginia, originally bought a pair of Spiderman shoes from Target for his 4-year-old son. Of course, when his daughter saw them, she said she wanted a pair too.

“When my daughter saw her brother’s shoes, she scampered over to him and stole them when he wasn’t looking,” Rashid told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Rashid attempted to find the shoes for his daughter but found that the retailer didn’t carry any that fit her size, as the store only sells Spiderman shoes that start at size 7. The shoes are also only sold in the boys’ section, as well, but that shouldn’t have made much of a difference as most toddler footwear (at least for those ages) is usually sized the same for both genders. Either way, once Rashid let his daughter know he would not be able to get the shoes for her, as you can imagine, she was devastated.

Rather than just letting the moment pass, Rashid decided to take to Twitter to air his complaint by tweeting: “Hey @Target I bought my 4-year-old son Spider-Man shoes & now my 2-year-old daughter wants Spider-Man shoes too. But you don’t sell Spider-Man shoes that fit 2-year-old girls. Even when I search for them — boys shoes are the only result. She’s crying now. It’s heartbreaking. Thx.”