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Dad Builds Perfect Replica of Harry Potter’s ‘Cupboard Under the Stairs’ for His Sons

This Potterhead goes the extra mile to ensure his sons grow up loving the story of the boy who lived.

Facebook/Carmine Hearthstone

As a parent, it can be difficult to introduce your kid to something you love. But some parents, like Harry Potter fanatic Peter Fragola, rise to the challenge. Like most people his age, the 38-year-old father of two had fallen under the spell of the wizarding world of Harry Potter long before he had kids and wanted to do everything in his power to help them believe in the magic as well. To that end, the industrious dad proved he was more magical than muggle by managing to build an exact replica of the iconic ‘cupboard under the stairs’ Harry was forced to live in growing up.

When he and his wife Stephanie bought a house last year, Peter quickly noticed there was a storage space under their new stairs that resembled Harry’s living quarters at 4 Privet Drive. Obviously, Peter would not be forcing either one of his kids to actually live in the space, but he realized it would make a fantastic reading room for his sons, Jackson and Oliver. So, Peter got to work. After about two weeks, he had completed the totally awesome ‘cupboard under the stairs’ replica. Like any true Potterhead, Peter couldn’t resist including some extra features to the ‘cupboard’, including copies of the Daily Prophet, a Marauders’ Map blanket, and classic quotes from the books painted on the back of the stairs.

Every detail of Peter’s ‘cupboard’ serves a perfect tribute to the beloved book series and, unsurprisingly, fellow Potterheads quickly took notice of his masterpiece. Peter posted photos of the ‘cupboard’ on his blog Chronicles of a New Dad and on Facebook under the pseudonym Carmine Hearthstone and thousands of people praised the father’s hard work and creativity. In less than two days, the Facebook post has already been shared more than 1,600 times by admirers of Peter’s remarkable work.