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Fans Spotted a Water Bottle in ‘Game of Thrones’ Series Finale

First a Starbucks cup

After the series finale of Game of Thrones aired last night, fans were left with a lot of questions. Is Jon now the king of the free folk? How does Westeros’ elective monarchy actually work? And does Drogon have some deep understanding of symbolism that he was hiding until now? But perhaps the biggest question on a handful of observant viewers was: wait, is that a water bottle? That’s right, just two episodes after viewers spotted a Starbucks cup sitting in front of Dany during the post-Battle of Winterfell party, people are claiming there is accidentally a water bottle in the final episode of one of most critically-acclaimed TV shows ever made.

Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 6, “The Iron Throne.” 

The massive break from the show’s established reality occurs when all of the remaining Lords and Ladies of Westeros gather at King’s Landing to discuss what to do after Jon has murdered Dany. While they are all discussing the future of the Seven Kingdoms, there appears to be a water battle just behind Sam Tarly’s leg. The bottle was first noticed by Twitter user @bethisloco, who then uploaded their detective work online, where it quickly went viral, receiving nearly two million views in less than 12 hours.

Is it possible there is something bigger at play here? Could the water bottle and coffee cup be signs that perhaps there is some portal that can connect Westeros to our world and that for whatever reason, Sam and Dany have decided to take advantage of this interdimensional travel to grab some delicious beverages? Or perhaps the west of Westeros where Arya is heading is actually just a giant mall? All possibilities but sadly, we’ll never know, as that would involve more episodes, of which there are none.