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Family Singing ‘Push It’ in the Delivery Room Goes Viral

Push it real good.

Jordan Houston/Facebook

A Texas couple is achieving Internet fame after they turned the delivery room into a musical performance. In a video that’s now going viral, the family of Jordan Houston and Jadie Phelps sing Salt-n-Pepa’s hit “Push It” just before the new mom gives birth to daughter Alaya.

“Sing this song next time you decide to have a baby… my little girl came literally 10 mins later! #PushIt,” Houston captioned the December 19 video, which has over 9.6 million views and almost 150,000 shares so far on Facebook alone.

The clip features Houston and Phelps, along with baby Alaya’s uncle, aunt, grandmother, and the nurses at Baylor All Saint Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas singing an a cappella rendition of the famous ’90s R&B tune. According to 26-year-old Houston, their impromptu concert came after Phelps had trouble making a birth playlist—so they decided to create their own.

And people are loving the sweet video on social media, with many users commenting that they plan to use the song for their own childbirth. Others praised Phelps for how calm and upbeat she was while in labor, saying, “I wish my labor had been that fun!”

Sing this song next time you decide to have a baby… my little girl came literally 10 mins later! ???????? #PushIt

Posted by Jordan Juice Houston on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The family’s song must have worked, too, because the couple’s third child, Alaya, was born soon after on December 13. “She came out in two pushes, which was amazing,” Phelps said. “She’s the ‘Push It’ baby!”

But the 29-year-old mom wasn’t finished. She laughed, “The nurses are like you have to [sing] that for the doctors. We ended up performing it like three times.”