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These Parents Recreated Scenes From Oscar-Nominated Films With Their Kids

From Dunkirk to Ladybird, the Storino family brilliantly imitates all the top movies from this year.

Instagram: Dontcallmeoscar

This weekend Hollywood celebrates the Oscars but for most time-strapped parents whose filmgoing experience stops at wistfully reading a Rotten Tomatoes synopsis, the films up for Best Picture are probably a mystery. Fortunately, the Storino family has their cohorts covered, brilliantly recreating scenes from every film that is nominated for Best Picture with their son and daughter in the place of the stars. The Storino’s have posted five of the photos on their popular Instagram account dontcallmeoscar, and on their website.

One might be tempted to dismiss the flick pics as a cheap gimmick but it’s hard not to admire the family’s level of commitment. This is their eighth year recreating Oscar movie moments and this year the Storinos really managed to top themselves with their remarkable attention to detail and the surprising emotional range their son and daughter are capable of displaying on camera. Will looking at these photos actually prepare you for winning your Oscar pool? Probably not. But they may help you get a little more familiar with the films. Even if they don’t, they’re just really fun to look at.

Perhaps the Storino family’s best work is their photo recreation of Three Billboards, as the young daughter does an uncanny imitation of Frances McDormand’s tough-as-nails mom on a quest for justice.

The Dunkirk photo is another favorite, as the kid somehow managed to recapture the fear and determination you can see in Harry Styles’ eyes.

The Storino’s daughter pulls off Ladybird‘s teen angst with ease despite being a few years away from her teen years.

#LadyBird 👋 @beaniefeldstein , #SaoirseRonan & #GretaGerwig

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The son is also a dead-ringer for Call Me By Your Name‘s Timothee Chalamet.

Call Me By Your Name 👋@tchalamet & @cmbynfilm

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Honestly, the all-kid reboot of Darkest Hour looks way more entertaining than the original version.

#DarkestHour ✌️#GaryOldman

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