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Family Goes Crazy After Daughter Gets Accepted Into Her Dream College

Wellesley's not an easy school to get into. You can understand why everyone was so excited.

Twitter: @JayyWiltz

Getting into college is worthy of celebration no matter where you get accepted. Get into your dream school, however, and it’s hard not to go absolutely nuts. Which is exactly what the family of Jada Wiltz did after learning she’d been accepted to her dream school, Wellesley College outside of Boston. A video of the Louisiana family’s amazingly over-the-top reaction to the news went viral and has been viewed nearly a million times in less than a week.

The video starts with the Wiltz family, along with some of Jada’s friends and TM Landry College Preparatory classmates, praying around Jada as she sits at the computer. A man who appears to be Jada’s father, wearing a Wellesley Football shirt in the video (although, ironically, Wellesley doesn’t have a football team), lead the anticipatory prayer.

“We know that you have a greater plan but we ask you to guide us, to give us some good news, and allow us to move on to the Big W, baby,” the man prayed.

Once the prayer was done, Jada got on her laptop and began searching for the email that would reveal her collegiate fate. After an excruciating 20 seconds of silent searching, she got the good news that she had been accepted into Wellesley, one of the top women’s liberal arts colleges in the country. Her family and friends then proceeded to lose their damn minds. Everyone started screaming hysterically, dancing, and the group even grabbed Jada out of her seat to celebrate this massive accomplishment.

Jada uploaded the video on to her Twitter account with the caption: “My name is Jada Wiltz, and I’m now a part of Wellesley College Class Of 2022!! Wellesley is ranked #3 in liberal arts colleges! One of the top-ranked girls’ colleges! GO BLUE.” Jada said she initially uploaded the video to show her friends and family and never anticipated that it would get this popular.

“I didn’t expect that much from the video,” Jada told the Boston Globe. “I was just more so happy that I got in at the time.”