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Family Hauling Hilariously Humongous Christmas Tree Caught Attention of Local Cops

The massive tree ended up getting the attention of local police.

Sudbury Police Department

Sometimes you just want to go big for the holiday season. And a family from Sudbury, Massachusetts recently made news by picking up a Christmas tree that is so hilariously large that dwarfed their car so significantly the local police got involved.

Local police pulled over the family last week when they were spotted driving home with a tree that was so big, it looked like it was about to crush the car that it was strapped to. Fortunately, the Sudbury police department was in good spirits about the whole incident and even used it as an opportunity to warn other Christmas aficionados against trying to strap a 30-foot tree on the top of their car.

They posted a photo of the car in question along with the caption: “Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your holiday trees responsibly. One of our officers stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today!”

The post ended up going viral and has been shared on Facebook nearly 4,000 times. Many of the commenters want to know more about the family, including how the hell they plan on fitting that tree inside their house. Others noted that the entire incident had a “Clark Griswold” vibe, as this family seems to share the Vacation dad’s affinity for going way over-the-top when it comes to anything Christmas.

Getting a tree this humongous may not have been the safest move but you have to respect this family’s dedication to spreading yuletide cheer. Hopefully, the Sudbury family was able to get home safe without their tree eating them or their van alive and are now enjoying their fully-decorated behemoth of a tree at home where it belongs. And, in case you’re transporting a very royal tannenbaum or anything else this season, check out our guide on how much you can safely stowe on the roof of your car.