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Texas Family Turned Their House Into an Epic Baby Shark Holiday Light Show

Christmas lights, doo doo doo doo doo doo


A family in Boerne, Texas synced their annual Christmas light display to light up to the tune of the ‘Baby Shark‘ song. The over-the-top decorations, put up each year by the Hinojosa family, raise money for people in need in their local community.

“Last year, we had 60,000 lights, this year it’s 100,000 [lights],” says dad Beto Hinojosa. Set to Pinkfong’s annoyingly catchy ‘Baby Shark’ song, which went viral back in August, the Christmas lights cover the family’s two-story home and front yard, with decorations that the elementary school principal says are mostly homemade. “PVC pipe, rebar, Christmas lights and you can have a show.”

The Hinojosas also put out a donation box by the street for people who drive by to look at the lights. All of the money collected gets donated to less fortunate families in the Boerne area.

It’s a tradition that the family has been doing for the past four years—and each year, they try to outdo their previous displays. Last year, for instance, the Hinojosa holiday light show paid tribute to Selena Quintanilla.

In addition to ‘Baby Shark,’ this year’s display, which will be up until January 6, also includes songs from last year’s Selena show along with music from the soundtrack of the animated Disney flick Coco.

To see the lights, the Hinojosas are inviting the public to drive by their home at 140 Shadow Knolls between the hours of 5:30 and 10 p.m and tune their radio to local station 93.1 FM. The family also hinted that they will be giving out candy canes and hot chocolate on certain days closer to Christmas.