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These Statistics On How Much Parents Use Facebook Are Alarming

You already knew that Facebook has become overrun with parents posting baby photos, because you have eyes (and possibly a wife), but now it’s official. According to a new report by Facebook’s internal research group, everyone’s favorite social media channel for sharing family stuff is primarily being used to share family stuff.

In a multiphase study of 8,300 parents from Australia to Canada between the ages of 25 and 65, FacebookIQ determined that moms and dads share 2.3 times more photos, 2.9 times more video, and 1.8 times more status updates than non-procreating humans. Groan if you must, but if you’re the cool “I hate Facebook” parent you’re so totally in the minority: posts about babies receive 37-percent more interactions from family and 47-percent more from friends. And Facebook’s analysis uncovered even more proof of the obvious: most of this usage is mobile and — apparently — happening in bed because, in the U.S., parents begin using Facebook by 4 AM and usage peaks at 7 AM. Because who can start their day without knowing how many likes baby’s first broccoli tree garnered?

Facebook PhotoFacebook

Befitting an organization whose primary symbol is a big thumbs up, FacebookIQ has coined a cute term for this phenomenon: Sharenting. And if that made you throw up a little in your mouth, at least consider the silver lining: You really don’t have to worry about your kid staying safe from cyberbullies and pervs on Facebook as they grow up. If these trends continue, by the time your kid is old enough to have an account, no self-respecting kid would be caught dead on Facebook.

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