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Here’s What Facebook’s Data Says About Your Parenting

You already know that Facebook knows too much about you because your ex-girlfriend keeps popping up in the “People You May Know” recommendations, but you might be surprised to learn that Zuckerberg’s grey t-shirt-wearing minions are specifically analyzing your parenting behavior as well.

The social media site is publishing a 3-part report called “Meet The Parents“, which is based on “internal data” (stuff parents report and stuff Facebook “inferred” from posts) from 8,300 parents in 8 countries. The first installment of the report digs up some interesting tidbits: 70 percent of parents today say they’re more informed than their own parents and 50 percent believe they listen to their kids more than their own parents did. Way to go, Facebook parents, you’re clearly crushing parenting. But, while 70 percent feel they’re more informed, Facebook’s analysis determined that this makes you feel both “confident” and “confused.” So maybe you’re not crushing it as hard as you think. People over-exaggerating how great they are on Facebook? When has that ever happened before?

facebook parents

Even if the findings don’t apply to you and you’re reasonably confident you’ve escaped Facebook’s all-seeing eye, don’t pat yourself on the back too hard (or boast about it in a status update). After all, you’re probably still feeding into the report’s biggest conclusion (that Facebook has become a key tool in the lives of parents everywhere), because where did you find this article?

[H/T]: Fast Company