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Family Who Remade ‘Extraction’ Get Huge Invite to ‘Extraction 2’ Premiere

This is awesome.

Nigerian family members and kids, the Ikorodu Bois, just got a coveted invite to the (eventual) premiere of Extraction 2, the sequel to the original Netflix Extraction film starring Chris Hemsworth and produced by the Marvel alum Russo Brothers. How did the comedy group, all family members of three brothers and one cousin, get invited to the premiere? They came out with an amazingly ingenious and well-done re-make of the trailer of the first Extraction film, and the trailer itself went viral.

The group, which includes the Sanni Brothers Muiz (15), Malik (10) Babatunde (23) and Fawas, their cousin (13) have been active on social media since 2017, when they launched their Instagram, and have already amassed 600,000 followers on the platform and another 100,000 plus on Twitter, which is where their Extraction trailer got noticed. 

They only posted their trailer on June 24, which features a shot-for-shot remake of the original film using upcycled items and creative ingenuity, and within days, the Russo Brothers and Netflix had taken notice of the trailer. 

But although this is the first time the Ikorodu Bois have gotten an invite to a movie trailer or a Hollywood event based on their fun trailers, it’s certainly not the first time their work has gone viral. One of their most recent music video remakes of the uber popular Roddy Ricch song The Box, using wheelbarrows in the place of super fast sports cars.

Their ingenious Money Heist remake was also incredible, using film editing techniques, shot-for-shot remakes, and massive creativity. 

Whenever Extraction 2 comes out, and whenever there is a premiere, the Ikorodu Bois will likely have a great time enjoying the fruits of their hard work. In the meantime, we hope they continue amazing the internet with their original mimics and shot-for-shot remakes of some of Hollywood’s most fun films, shows, and music videos.