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Experts Say Disney+ Streaming Will Kill Netflix Because of Math

This town ain't big enough for the both of them.

I used to think that “Netflix” was on its way to becoming the generic term for all streaming services;  you know, how “Kleenex” is used to refer to any brand of facial tissue. But data surrounding a new offer from Disney+ has experts, and also me, questioning the future of the platform. Though Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are currently the Holy Trinity of streaming services, Disney+’s new bundle allows customers can receive Disney+, ESPN+, and the ad-supported version of Hulu all for $12.99 a month. One analyst thinks that deal is sweet enough to knock Netflix out of first place.

Yahoo reports that on Disney’s fiscal third-quarter conference call last week, CEO Bob Iger announced a the new bundled price for its three streaming services. It’s pretty enticing, especially because it’s the same cost as Netflix’s most popular plan.  Customers can also opt for individual services: $6.99 monthly for Disney+, $5.99 monthly for just ad-supported Hulu, and $4.99 for just ESPN+. Because of the new offer, Needham analyst Laura Martin thinks that Disney will become top dog.

“We project [Disney] will win (and [Netflix will] lose) the U.S. SVOD [subscription video on demand] battle,” Martin reportedly wrote in a note to clients. “U.S. consumers have shown a reluctance to add to their three SVOD services. This implies that [Disney’s] projected 20 million to 30 million U.S. [subscriptions] by 2024 will mostly come from Netflix’s 60 million U.S. subs.”

Though this seems logical because of math, it’s unlikely that Netflix will fail given its wide (and extremely popular) variety of original programming. But who knows, Stranger Things have happened.