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Excellent! Bill and Ted Will Be Righteous Dads in Upcoming Sequel

The only bogus part? We have to wait a whole year for the movie.

Bill and Ted are back…only they’re dads now. In March, it was announced that Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third installment of the comedy film series starring Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves would drop in 2020. And now, the actresses who will be playing Bill and Ted’s daughters have been revealed.

In a press release, Hammerstone Studios announced that Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving will play Bill and Ted’s daughters, Thea and Billie (respectively). When the film premieres, it will have been 29 years since the last Bill & Ted movie – giving the righteous dudes plenty of time to procreate (though it’s not yet clear who the girls’ mothers are). The father-daughter team will join forces on another bogus adventure to save the universe from peril. Pretty normal family activities if you ask us.

The film’s official Twitter page also released an image of the actresses side-by-side their “fathers” – and the similarities are uncanny.

“When we saw Samara and Brigette together, it was like deja vu,” said procured Scott Kroopf in a statement. “It was exactly the way we felt when we first saw Keanu and Alex. We are so thrilled to have this funny and unique pair join the Bill and Ted team.”

Dean Parisot will direct the third chapter of Bill & Ted, based on a script by franchise creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. It’ll be filming this summer and released on August 21, 2020. While it’s totally bogus that we’ll have to wait a whole year to see these totally awesome time-travelers back on screen, we can’t wait to see these dudes turned dads back in action.