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Ewan McGregor Is the New Jiminy Cricket

The edgy remake from Guillermo Del Toro just scored your favorite bearded Jedi.

Disney; Getty

When you wish upon a star, sometimes, you get Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The edgy, stop-motion remake of Pinocchio that seems like it was announced ages ago and is unsurprisingly being directed by Guillermo del Toro now has a Jiminy Cricket to wish a star upon: Ewan McGregor. That’s right! Everyone’s favorite Jedi and veteran actor Ewan McGregor will take over the voice role of Jiminy Cricket in the animated remake of the classic 1940’s Disney film. McGregor confirmed his role as the iconic cricket in a top hat in an interview with ACE Universe. 

“I had started working on [Pinocchio] before I left for New York, so some of that is recorded,” he said, while admitting that the way that the film is being made, via stop-motion, will logically mean that it might be a very long time before we can see the film. (Who can forget the iconic Parks & Recreation stop-motion scene, when weeks of Ben Wyatt’s stop motion work on his film Requiem for a Tuesday boiled down to about six seconds of film.) “But my first part,” he continued, “which is recording his dialogue, is sort of done.” As for any song-and-dances, which Jiminy Cricket is famous for? “There may or may not be a song that has to be recorded. I’m not sure I’m at liberty to discuss that.” Ewan McGregor is a confirmed cast member, and may star alongside rumored Geppetto voiced by Tom Hanks.

Del Toro’s Pinocchio remake will likely be darker and heavier on the history than the original animated film. After all, the iconic director is known for harnessing absurdity, horror, and more in his original films. It’s hard to see how his remake of Pinocchio would be any different — especially considering that it’s set in Italy of the 1930’s, which was during the real-time rise of Italian Fascism and when Mussolini was rising the ranks across the country. And, given that Pinocchio is about a puppet who becomes a real boy, and Del Toro has compared the film to Frankenstein, it’s safe to say we’re in for quite the macabre tweet.