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Everyone’s Favorite 4-Year-Old Hockey Star Is Back

Only a kid this cute could go viral twice before kindergarten.

Youtube / Coach Jeremy

Mason Rupke’s dad, known online as Coach Jeremy, posted a video of the four-year-old from Ontario mic’d up during hockey practice about a month ago. It captured Mason’s adorable babbling and still developing skating skills, and it went viral. Now Mason is back in a new video, that captures both his non-sequiturs and, thanks to the GoPro strapped to his helmet, less than graceful skating.

The new video begins with Mason’s final practice of the year. “I’m as fast as you,” he says to a girl before immediately falling down. Lost in his own world, he just starts making farting noises at one point, because sometimes that’s what you need to do when you’re four.

It’s in the second half of the video that Mason wears the GoPro. Action cameras are great for sports because they put you right in the middle of things, standing over the catcher at a baseball game or soaring about a halfpipe on a skateboard. In this case, however, it’s a less…intense experience.

At just four years old, Mason is still new to walking, so it would be a lot to expect him to be a graceful skater. And that’s good because he’s not. At one point he falls down and you see one his gloves spurt away.

His puck handling skills are also still developing, as when he screams “Puck!” and then promptly falls right over before he can actually secure the puck.

If you were a fan of the first video, you’ll enjoy a similar verbal performance in this one. Some choice quotes: “Maybe tonight when it gets dark we can have some yummy sandwiches,” “You’re sausages!” said with gusto to another player, and “Are you a backpack?”

But our favorite part of the video is when Mason is on the bench. He asks the kid next to him “Hey are you gonna be my best friend?” presumably because he’s recently learned that he should have a best friend. The other kid shakes his head, the unintentional burn of the century. Thankfully, Mason doesn’t seem too bothered.

And why would he be? At the end of the video, we see the postseason ceremony, and Mason gets a medal draped around his neck. He won the season, and he’s on his way to winning the internet.