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Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams Will Make You Laugh and Cry In ‘Eurovision’ Trailer

Don't forget that damn handsome Pierce Brosnan as Will Ferrell's dad.

Unlike the actual Eurovision Song Contest, Netflix’s Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga is still happening this year. And weeks after “Volcano Man” got stuck in our heads, a full-fledged trailer for the Will FerrellRachel McAdams comedy is out. Who knew an upcoming Will Ferrell comedy would make us cry?

Ferrell plays Lars and McAdams plays Sigrit; together, they make up Icelandic pop duo Fire Saga. Their lifelong dream is to win the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual pageant featuring some of the weirdest musicians in Europe that was first held in 1956.

The trailer reveals that their fellow Icelanders don’t care for their music, including Lars’s “extremely handsome father,” a bearded, sweater-clad Pierce Brosnan. But despite their unpopularity, Fire Saga somehow score the gig representing Iceland at Eurovision, eliciting snow angels of happiness from the duo.

The contest itself has the fog machines, lasers, elaborate sets, and ornate costumes you’d expect. It also has Alexander Lemtov (Dan Stevens), a handsome “sex player” and fellow contestant who looks like the saboteur of the movie, seeking to come between Lars and Sigrit even as they bond over him stuffing his crotch and her “doing a classic camel[toe]” before a big performance.

Then, things take an unexpectedly emotional turn. It starts to feel less like an absurd comedy, as an earnestly inspiring montage punctuated by a joke about how Simon & Garfunkel broke up because of a lovers’ quarrel. The trailer ends with Lars’s feeble attempts to fight Lemtov. All in all, it looks like a classic Ferrell comedy—exactly what the doctor ordered for those of us desperate for a distraction.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga premieres on Netflix on June 26.