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A 14-Year-Old Is Running For Governor of Vermont

Yes, this is very real and his speech may convince you he's the right guy for the job.

Ethan Sonneborn

Ethan Sonneborn is only 14 years old but that didn’t stop him from getting involved in politics in a pretty major way, as he managed to run for governor of Vermont before he even started high school. The idea of a teenager running for governor may sound like the plot of a bad Disney movie but a quick visit to his very professional website shows that his candidacy is no joke. The website also manages to answer some big questions about Ethan’s campaign, including how it’s legal for a 14-year-old to even be running for governor of Vermont.

“According to the Vermont Constitution and the Vermont Attorney General, you only have to have lived in Vermont for 4 years or more on the day before the election,” the site explains. “Ethan has lived here for 14 years.”

The website also explains why exactly a 14-year-old decided to run for governor in the first place.

“Ethan is running for governor because he believes we need a people-powered movement to reform politics,” the website says. “He believes that people should control government, not vice versa.”

According to the “issues” section of the website, Ethan is passionate about youth engagement, health care, LGBT rights, the environment, education, and the economy. Not bad for someone who is still a year away from getting their learner’s permit.

While it is certainly inspiring to see someone this young get involved in politics, Ethan’s gubernatorial candidacy hit a major speed bump last night when he was defeated in the Democratic primary by Christine Hallquist, who is hoping to be the first transgender person nominated for governor by a major party. Still, we have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear of this political wunderkind and we wouldn’t be surprised if one day he really does turn out to be governor of Vermont.