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How Much It Costs To Raise A Kid, According To The USDA

flickr / MIKI Yoshihito

If one of your favorite dad jokes is telling the baby to get a job, the government just released a figure that might take all the humor out of that already questionable joke. The USDA found that the cost of raising a kid in the U.S. topped out at $233,610 for middle-income families in 2015. And no, you don’t get a discount for the second one either.

The report, which has been compiled annually since 1960, breaks your baby budget into 7 categories. Housing was the most significant, making up 29 percent of the total cost per kid, and they don’t even like it indoors. Much like Biggie Smalls predicted, more money does not equal less problems. On the whole, wealthier families spent more than twice as much as poorer families, with more cash going towards child care and education. Lower income families focused their resources on nutrition instead, but really all kids eat money — at least indirectly.

But before you inquire about a baby return policy, it’s not all bad news. Not only are fuel costs down, but $233,610 is only a 3 percent increase from last year, whereas the average annual increase is historically around 4.3 percent. So before you tally up their tab like the worst regular ever, remember they will be 18 eventually. That’s a great age to learn what an invoice is.

[H/T] Bloomberg