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ESPN Anchor Asks Kids to Draw Their Favorite World Cup Highlights

Because seeing three different takes on the same game is way better than watching the same replay all day.


ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt has come up with a brilliant way to avoid copyright infringement when showing highlights from this year’s World Cup in Russia. Rather than risk getting his network sued by FOX, which owns the rights to the tournament coverage, Van Pelt is inviting kids to draw and submit their favorite World Cup moments. The results, as one would expect, are about as spectacular as the contest itself.

ESPN lost the rights to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cup to their competitors at FOX back in 2011. And as such, the network isn’t allowed to show game highlights on SportsCenter or any other of its other shows.

With limited/no World Cup video for our show, we will improvise. My daughter drew Saudi Arabia/Russia for last night,” Van Pelt tweeted. “Send your (kids?) art to #DrawTheWorldCup and we’ll pick a few each day.”

Unsurprisingly, the drawings are all cute as hell, but a bit of mixed bag. For example, one child is slowly coming to grips with the difference between football and fútbol while another drew what is easily the most carefree save by a goalie of all time (Messi’s miss). Another depicts one of the keepers in the Spain versus Portugal match looking as if the world is collapsing around him.

If ESPN keeps this up, “the world cup soccer” will surely be even more entertaining moving forward.