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An EpiPen Alternative Could Be Available As Early As 2017

After EpiPen made headlines this summer for jacking prices up nearly 500 percent since 2007, the pharmaceutical company Mylan “pledged” to lower prices. That hasn’t exactly happened, and CEO Heather Bresch hasn’t accepted any accountability for profiting off of people in need of this life-saving shot, even in front of Congress. But part of the problem with EpiPen pricing is that consumers haven’t had other options. Well Shkreula de Vil, that’s all about to change.

According to the drugmaker Kaleon Inc., an alternative known as Auvi-Q will reenter the market sometime during the first half of 2017. Auvi-Q was voluntarily recalled last year due concerns about faulty doses (no deaths were reported). Originally Kaleon licensed the shot to the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, but since the recall has regained the rights of the Auvi-Q and implemented new manufacturing safety measures. That means EpiPen is about to have some stiff competition (but you probably still shouldn’t have that shellfish)


There’s no word on what the Auvi-Q will cost, but if they’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in the news, anything around $600 would be a bad choice. As Forbes points out, they were just as expensive last time around, but Kaleon’s CEO Spencer Williamson says that the competition will benefit patients. Perhaps they should also change the name, to sword maybe? Then you can figure out if it’s really mightier than the pen.

[H/T] Mashable