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Epic Halloween Decoration Recreates Spider-Man Death in ‘Infinity War’

Mr. Stark...


The best Halloween lawn decoration this year has arrived, and there really is no way anyone can top this. For those who are still reeling from Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s heartbreaking death in Infinity War, the following may be a little bit triggering.

On Monday, JillikinzSEA posted a photo on Twitter of her DIY lawn decorations, and for those who will get the reference, it’s totally brilliant. Three pumpkins are stacked-up as a kind of “pumpkin man” who sports Iron Man’s signature mask, while the torso of Spider-Man leans up against him. But where are Spider-Man’s legs? They’re gone, turned into autumn leaves by the power of Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

JillikinzSEA is a mother, and Seattle resident. She tells Fatherly that she actually wanted to recreate more than just this scene. “I had this in mind pretty much from the time I saw Avengers: Infinity War,” she explains. “I wanted to do the entire scene with every single character but my husband reminded me that Thanos was pretty prolific in his killing, so that might have been too much for one year.”

Obviously, this awesome Halloween scene recreates the scene in Avengers: Infinity War in which Tony Stark/Iron Man holds Peter Parker/Spider-Man as Parker is turned into dust by the power of the Thanos’s evil finger-snapping. Ironically or not, in the movie, Stark and Parker are not wearing their famous masks, while in Trekell’s reimagining of the scene, they are. This, in part, is what makes the whole creation so brilliant, the scene is lovingly subtle, while totally on-the-nose at the same time. Do all of JillikinzSEA’s neighbors get the reference?

“Some of them do – we have a lot of retired folks in the area who just think we are crazy with our Halloween displays though,” she says. “My nine-year-old twins are ecstatic at the response.”

Within just a few hours of posting a photo of her creation on Twitter, the image has gone viral. Everyone knows that their Halloween decorations can’t compete with this, and we’re all bowing to our new master. But, thankfully, we’ve all now gotten a taste of what it would be like to be neighbors with JillikinzSEA and her awesome family!

(Still confused about who got turned into dust in the Marvel universe? We’ve got you covered in this Ant-Man video:)