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An EMT Shares a Brilliant Car Seat Hack to Keep Kids Safe in an Emergency

It only takes a few minutes to make an EMT's life easier and keep your child safer.


Buying and installing a car seat is an extremely stressful process for parents, so much so, that the last thing any parent wants to think about is getting into an accident and actually having to put the thing to real use. While the thought alone is terrifying, Kaitlyn Lawson, a mom, and EMT from Indiana shared a clever car seat hack that can help you be sure that your child is as safe as possible in the event of a collision.

In her post, Lawson made the suggestion that parents tape the child’s name, age, emergency information, and any specific medical conditions onto the actual car seat. This way, when EMTs show up they can give the best care possible, as quickly as possible, as EMTs are often forced to waste precious moments figuring out this necessary information or even give a child the wrong type of care.