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Tiny J. Lo Should Give Parents Hope and Fear. Yes, Your Kids Can Replace You

Emme Muñiz stole the show.


Regardless of how you felt about the outcome of the Super Bowl, J.Lo and Shakira’s electrifying performance gave us something to talk about. For parents, this moment was interesting, because yes, J.Lo’s daughter was amazing, but it was also a reminder as to why having kids is so cool. They can replace you.

On Sunday, during the Super Bowl halftime show, Emme Muñiz joined her mom Jennifer Lopez on stage. Emme sang as part of a choir of other kids in a pointed political statement, which also depicted some kids in what appeared to be cages; a possible statement against President Trump’s family-separating policies. But, with her powerful singing, it was Emme who stole the show. Sure, her on stage with her mom at the Super Bowl might be the product of pop star nepotism, but if any parent were in J.Lo’s shoes, they’d probably do the same thing.

Emme is 11 years old and is the daughter of Lopez and Marc Anthony. She, along with her twin brother, Max, haven’t spent too much time in the spotlight despite having two very famous parents. But Emme had all eyes on her at arguably one of the biggest concerts of the year, and she killed it. Emme shared the stage with Shakira and her mom along with a full children’s choir to sing “Let’s Get Loud,” and man, this kid is talented.

This was no school performance, and this kid looked like a total pro up there, no stage fright in her eyes, no fear in her face, just fully embracing the same killer vibe her mom puts out there. There is something amazing about watching a child do something they’re super passionate about and have an innate talent that can’t be ignored. And Emme is maybe destined to be a superstar just like her parents.

We’ve seen some hints before that Emme may be interested in a singing career. She was often on stage with her mom during her tour to sing the song “Limitless,” and she blew everyone away while practicing a cover of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” earlier this year.

If J. Lo wasn’t this young lady’s proud mama, she has some fear knowing if this is a career Emme wants to pursue, she’s going to be bigger and better. But, mostly, it’s incredible to see such a big mother-daughter moment on such a big stage.