Emma Stone Will Be a Punk Rock Villain in Surprising Disney Reboot

This is so odd, it could be really awesome.

Getty Images.

When Glenn Close starred as Cruella De Vil in both the first real live-action Disney adaptation and its sequel, we thought Disney was done with the puppy-hating, fur-wearing villain. Apparently, they’re not. And the new version of Cruella De Vil sounds so weird, it could be great.

Disney isn’t going to rehash 101 Dalmatians on the big screen again, though. Glenn Close totally committed to playing Cruella, even falling face-first into a pile of slop. No one can top that. Disney is instead going to give Cruella De Vil the Maleficent treatment. In 2014, Disney gave Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent an origin story. Now Disney is going to give one of their most reprehensible modern-day villains one. Emma Stone, who currently stars in The Favourite, is going to take Cruella’s hatred of all furry things and love of fashion in this Cruella origin story.

I, Tonya director Greg Gillespie is in talks with Disney to direct the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It seems like Disney is trying to get this film made in the next few years. This origin story is described as having ’80s punk vibes, so it sounds more like a prequel to the live-action 101 Dalmatians instead of the original 1961 animated film.

We’ll find out exactly why Cruella hates animals so much, but we’re not sure that Disney is going to be able to make her a sympathetic villain like Maleficient. Trying to turn a ton of puppies into coats is an unforgivable crime.

This reboot is just another in a long line of original Disney films that the studio is revisiting. Mary Poppins Returns, the sequel to Mary Poppins, comes out on December 19. Next year, Disney has three remakes coming out, including Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King along with Toy Story 4.