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Emily Blunt Admits Mary Poppins is a “Creepy” Character

The actress who plays the titular nanny in 'Marry Poppins Returns' says the iconic character is pretty bizarre.


Last night, Emily Blunt appeared on The Late Show and admitted that she’s always found Mary Poppins to be a pretty creepy character. This despite the fact that Blunt is playing the titular nanny in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns. The Poppins takedown began when Stephen Colbert pulled out a photo of Blunt as Poppins, and the popular actress casually described it as ‘sinister.’ Colbert agreed, saying he had always felt the character was a bit strange, before Blunt admitted that Poppins is kind of “creepy.”

Colbert and Blunt then lay out all the reasons Poppins is so strange, including the fact that she comes down from the sky unannounced, takes over a family’s home, and then leaves without so much as a “goodbye” or “thank you.” Blunt joked that Disney was probably going to be furious at her for criticizing such an iconic character, with Colbert noting that the Disney lawyers were already searching for her.

This is not the first time someone has pointed out Poppins’ strange behavior. We’ve already written at length about how Poppins may be hiding sinister motives beneath her “practically perfect” exterior, but hearing Blunt question Poppins’ character confirms that something is probably off with this beloved supernatural nanny.

Of course, Blunt is not crazy and made it clear that she absolutely loved getting to play Poppins it the movie, as she described the experience as “just the best.” Sadly, though, we’ll all have to wait until December to discover how creepy (or evil) Blunt’s interpretation of Poppins is.